Artist profile

Emma is a biologist and environmentalist who has combined an academic career in research and teaching with creative responses to the natural world.

Much of her work is focused on trees within local landscapes. Working almost entirely within the field she juxtaposes long periods of observation with quick, light and instinctive sketches, using whichever materials best suit the situation. The resulting works, mainly in charcoal, pencil and chalk explore growth, form and pattern in nature as well as reflecting on time, place and change. One current project, now running for 8 months, involves a daily sketch within the Oxford University Parks.

Other strands of Emma's work include notations of bird flight and bird song, studies of feathers and other found natural history objects and the use of text and maps to explore the language of nature and of place.

Emma is involved in community work and undertakes commissions, especially in the Oxford area

Recent and forthcoming exhibitions

Oxfordshire Artweeks, May 2022: Drawings from the Parks, University Parks pavilion. Oxford

Sign, Symbol, Sound and Language. October 2021

Oxford Art Society Open Exhibition August 2021, September 2020

Oxfordshire Artweeks (online, May 2021). Trees: markers of time, place and season

Finding Solace November 2020 (online)

Bicester Art Exhibition (August 2020)